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Rules & Regulations

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General Rules and Regulations for the students

Say 'Good Morning' and 'Good Afternoon' at its proper time. Say 'Thank you' when you receive some thing. Say 'May I Come in ?' before entering class-room or office.

Respect the elders especially parents and teachers. Stand up when they enter or leave your class room.

Be honest in your dealings with others, truthful in speech and sporting in behaviour.

Keep yourself clean and tidy uniform, hair cut, finger nail and shoes etc.

Always appear to be cheerful, smiling and helpful to others.

Admission to the school is restricted by certain government regulations and by condition of age, ability and conduct.

Applicants for admission will be examined and admitted in the class for which they are found fit.

No admission is complete until the leaving certificate from the last recognized institution attended is submitted. If the applicant is from other state, (studied outside the state of Gujarat ) must get the leaving certificate countersigned by the Education Inspector there. Original birth certificate is required for a fresh admission in Pre-Primary classes.

The Principal reserves the right to accept or refuse any application for admission without assigning any reason for his/her action.

No leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for by parents/guardians in person and in writing and after all dues have been paid.

A student failing twice in the same class or thrice in any different classes in the institution has to leave and discontinue studies from here.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or defiance of authority or conduct, injurious to the moral tone, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student from the institution.

To Parents / Guardians

An absentee student will not be allowed to attend class without a leave note duly signed by you.

If a student is absent for more than seven days without prior permission or information, the name of such an absentee may be struck off from the classrolls.

Information for leave should be briefly written in the student's diary with date and parents' signature.

You can convey message or remark of your own by writing on the relevant page in student's diary.

You are expected to ensure that your ward is punctual, regular to school and dressed neatly in school uniform.

You are not allowed to visit your child's/ward's class room. You re required to have a prior permission / appointment to visit or meet anyone in the institution.

Please ensure that your ward must not bring valuables or unusual amount of money to school.