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Objective of the School

  /  Objective of the School

Radiant English Academy stands not only for tradition and conformity, but also for the future and a willingness to accept it, to stimulate fresh thoughts and ideas. There are good opportunities for personal development within the curriculum, in the day-to-day life of the School, and through extra-curricular activities. Pupils enjoy School and take part in activities with enthusiasm, both in lessons and at lunchtime or after School. The School is looked after well and has a pleasant and orderly atmosphere which encourages good attitudes and behaviour.

The school is situated in the inner parts of Surat-Dumas Road, on the banks of River Tapi in a healthy Natural Environment. It is surrounded by lush greenery providing an ambience for the overall development of your child. Our school provides an ideal atmosphere to give your child a chance to bloom. Our Vision is to raise the achievement of all who learn and work in the school through systematic planning, review and development in order to gain optimum attainment in life skills.

We aim at:

Create and maintain an enjoyable learning environment that is friendly, welcoming, caring and safe.

Show respect and consideration for each other and the environment within a well- organised school.

Develop self-confidence and an enthusiastic and enquiring attitude towards teaching, learning and sharing.

Meet the individual child’s needs by teaching a broad curriculum emphasizing literacy, Numerical and Information Communication Technology skills.

Professionally develop the whole staff, encompassing new ideas and sharing individual learning in order to increase the range of experiences offered to the children.

Maintain close links with the parents of the children.

Provide a well-researched environment that is centred on the learning needs of the children.

Establish good relationships with the local community, by arranging outings and visits to a variety of organisations.