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The multipurpose open auditorium on the ground floor with a huge seating capacity provides an elegant, functional and versatile space for assemblies, concerts, lectures and gatherings of all kinds.The school auditorium is equipped with AV facility with high-end projectors. The hall functions as a place where students can enjoy a variety of activities that contribute to their all-round development. It is used for inter-house competitions, indoor games and as a celebratory space for festivals.

The hall is acoustically designed to quell the echoes.

Walls are made sound proof so that audibility is enhanced.

Seats arranged in the cascading style ensure full visibility for audience.

Lights are provided at the free ends of sitting rows to lead the audience to their seats.

A hi-fi sound system enhances the quality of sound.

A stage in the front is big enough for a sizeable group performance.

The pathway leading to the stage is shredded in order to avoid skidding.

A large screen is provided on the stage for seeing magnified images from the OHP and the LCD.

When the screen is in use, low voltage bulbs provide dim lighting.

The ceiling is artistically designed to add to the aesthetics of the auditorium.

The window paints are darkened for effective imaging.

All the electrical connections are concealed and wired to the main switch.

It is ensured that no electrical connections are loose ended, to avoid fatal consequences.

In case of power failure, the generator takes over the charge of the power supply unit, which also facilitates the use of air-conditioners of 8 tons.