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About the School

Radiant English Academy stands not only for tradition and conformity, but also for the future and a willingness to accept it, to stimulate fresh thoughts and ideas. There are good opportunities for personal development within the curriculum, in the day-to-day life of the School, and through extra-curricular activities. Pupils enjoy School and take part in activities with enthusiasm, both in lessons and at lunchtime or after School. The School is looked after well and has a pleasant and orderly atmosphere which encourages good attitudes and behaviour.

The school is situated in the inner parts of Surat-Dumas Road, on the banks of River Tapi in a healthy Natural Environment. It is surrounded by lush greenery providing an ambience for the overall development of your child. Our school provides an ideal atmosphere to give your child a chance to bloom.

Our Vision is to raise the achievement of all who learn and work in the school through systematic planning, review and development in order to gain optimum attainment in life skills.

From the ages, the schools of India have been regarded as homes of learners. However, the aesthetics of schools have been changing with time & taste of people.

Radiant is an institution with state-of-the-art facilities for acquiring & constructing knowledge. The growth of this school has been drastic & radical.

New techniques like the multimedia & the LCD projectors are introduced for effective teaching.

The whole school is connected through an intercom network to avoid time lapses in communication.

Every classroom is under CCTV surviallance, the receiver of which is set in the Principal’s cabin. This helps trace the teacher and observe the proceedings of a running class.

Activities based on lessons are taken up in such a way as to improve the cognitive skills in students. The senses are titillated for more absorption and longer retention of knowledge. For this purpose, a spacious activity room of area 748 sq. ft. is built where exercises improving the hand-mind co-ordination are taken up.

To break the boredom of academies, extra-curricular activities like Aerobics, Dance, Yoga to name a few, are incorporated in the daily schedule. This elevates the minds saturated by studies.

Nature has been the best teacher to man. Hence, it is our prime duty to make the students aware about it. Field trips and educational tours to places around are planned and executed successfully every year.

When it comes to carrying books, schooling itself becomes a great burden on children. To relieve from this stress, they are provided note booklets of 40 pages & 80 pages in every subject, so that only those that are necessary may be carried to and from school.

The auditorium is an attractive part of school, meant for film shows, documentaries and educational seminars. Built to a capacity of 200 people, it is acoustically designed for audio-visual presentations to capture the attention of students.

Day order system is followed in the timetable to avoid missing of same subjects due to repeated holidays on same weekdays.


We are committed to assure learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society. Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Taxonomy are interwoven in the curriculum and is effectively imparted by our highly experienced and well educated faculty members. We at Radiant focus on every individual children because we feel that every child deserves the best. REAs Board results are the reflection of the quality of education imparted here.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that is achieved through sports which fosters and stimulates the physical and mental growth of a child. By providing regular opportunities to play we help our students to not only develop a healthy body but also develop better body strength, better coordination, an important lesson of team-spirit and give them the experience to get accustomed to different kinds of people in different situations. The sports community at our school helps students to build their character and discipline and provides sufficient scope to build confidence of being an individual with overall development.


Radiant accepts it as its responsibility and assures to teach our youth about core values so they may grow up to be caring, confident and respectful adults. Educators are tasked with the job of helping children see that values are not only an important part of the educational process but also to their overall development as an individual. By fostering an environment where core values are a focal point, it enables students to logically grabble with the moral life and encourages healthy brain development and growth.


Esteemed Management


Shri Mahesh Savani


Shri Vallabhbhai Savani


Shri Mitul Savani


Message From The Principal

Undoubtedly, life is the apex system of learning, providing enormous scope for and full of enriched experiences of learning. Its only limitation is the unpredicted time of learning a particular aspect. So are the schools developed to provide opportunities for desired learning at a desirable juncture and age of a child. Radiant English Academy is harnessing this need of the society in general and of children in specific since past eighteen years and it’s a matter of deep satisfaction that REA is able to achieve the same.

Dr. L. N. Singh