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A space for something beyond the prescribed text, a place for teaching oneself and a tryst with people of universal acclaim-a library is an essential part of any school.

Spread over an area of 748 sq. ft, our library glitters with books from noted publications, selected most scrupulously by qualified staff.

The airy, well-lit room not only invites readers but also leads them into deep contemplation.

Four ceiling fans and four tube lights provide an atmosphere conducive for reading and reference.

In case of power failure, the generator runs the fans and lights in the library.

Six reading tables and twenty-four chairs are easily accommodated with a lot more space left for maneuverability of furniture and people.

To restore the pious habit of reading among students, one period in a week has been earmarked for library in all classes.

There are about 4000 books, worth Rs. 60,000.

The collection includes a gamut of subjects from literature to Science to Mathematics to Arts, the proudest possession being tonnes of Encyclopedia Britannica.

All books are arranged categorically, numbered and catalogued for ready availability.

Steel cupboards with locks store books to ensure safety.

It is ensured that at no point of time any cupboard has keys hanging in it.

Books are issued to teachers and students for a week and renewed if necessary.

Along with books, the library contains some useful stationery, globes, and a blackboard too, for teaching.

An efficient librarian maintains a thorough record of all the incoming and outgoing books.

The school plans to invest Rs. 1,00,000 on the expansion of the library in the next five years.