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Spam email campaigns cannot do any damage without manual intervention by users who are encouraged to perform certain tasks

How do spam campaigns infect computers?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge of these threats and careless behaviour, many users inadvertently help scammers to achieve their goals.

As mentioned above, emails of this type contain malicious attachments that infect computers only if opened. For example, if the attached file is an executable (.exe) file, it first needs to be executed (run) for it to install malicious programs.

If the attachment is an MS Office document, when opened, it will request permission to enable macro commands. Enabling these commands gives permission for a malicious document to download and install a high-risk virus. Similar rules apply to files of other types.

How to avoid installation of malware?

Do not open attachments (or links) that are included in emails received from unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy addresses, without carefully studying them first. If the email seems irrelevant (does not concern you), do not open the presented attachment or link - you should delete these emails without reading. Download software using official, trustworthy sources (websites) only.

Avoid using third party downloaders, peer-to-peer networks and other such tools, unofficial websites, etc. Bear in mind that third party downloaders (or installers) are used to distribute rogue (potentially malicious) applications.