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The newly-registered go out handler might be attempted before all other go out handlers integrated into Universal Provide Parser

The newly-registered go out handler might be attempted before all other go out handlers integrated into Universal Provide Parser

(More specifically, all go out handlers try attempted into the “last in, first out” order; we.age. the last handler is entered ‘s the earliest that attempted, etc backwards buy of membership.)

If your date handler returns Nothing , or anything other than a Python 9-tuple date, or raises an exception of any kind, the error will be silently ignored and the other registered date handlers will be tried in order. If no date handlers succeed, then the date is not parsed, and the * _parsed value will not be present in the results dictionary. The original date string will still be available in the appropriate element in the results dictionary.

If you develop a unique go out handler, you’re advised (but not called for) add a spot it should be integrated into the fresh next kind of Common Feed Parser.


Really feeds embed HTML markup inside feed points. Certain nourishes even embed other kinds of markup, like SVG otherwise MathML. Since many offer aggregators use a web browser (otherwise internet browser component) to show posts, Common Supply Parser sanitizes inserted markup to get rid of points that you may perspective safety risks.

  • site.feed.identity
  • resource.offer.subtitle
  • reference.offer.facts
  • source.provide.liberties
  • resource.admission.term
  • resource.entryway.bottom line
  • reference.entryway.stuff

The product screening to possess HTML sanitizing show many types of dangerous markup you to Common Offer Parser sanitizes automagically.

HTML Sanitization¶

The following HTML points are allowed automagically (all others was removed):a good, abbr, phrase, target, town, blog post, aside, songs, b, big, blockquote, br, option, material, caption, center, mention, code, col, colgroup, command, datagrid, datalist, dd, del, facts, dfn, dialogue, dir, div, dl, dt, em, event-resource, fieldset, profile, footer, font, setting, heading, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hours, i, img, enter in, in, keygen, kbd, name, legend, li, m, chart, eating plan, meter, multicol, nav, nextid, noscript, ol, output, optgroup, choice, p, pre, improvements, q, s, samp, part, look for, quick, voice, provider, spacer, span, strike, good, sub, sup, desk, tbody, td, textarea, day, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, you, ul, var, movies

Next HTML properties are allowed automagically (others was removed):abbr, undertake, accept-charset, accesskey, action, line up, alt, autoplay, autocomplete, autofocus, axis, history, balance, bgcolor, bgproperties, edging, bordercolor, bordercolordark, bordercolorlight, bottompadding, cellpadding, cellspacing, ch, difficulty, char, charoff, choff, charset, searched, cite, category, obvious, color, cols, colspan, compact, contenteditable, coords, investigation, datafld, datapagesize, datasrc, datetime, standard, delay, dir, disabled, draggable, dynsrc, enctype, prevent, deal with, to possess, function, figure, galleryimg, gutter, headers, level, hidefocus, invisible, higher, href, hreflang, hspace, symbol, id, inputmode, ismap, keytype, title, leftspacing, lang, checklist, longdesc, loop, loopcount, loopend, loopstart, lower, lowsrc, maximum, maxlength, mass media, method, minute, multiple, identity, nohref, noshade, nowrap, discover, optimum, pattern, ping, point-proportions, punctual, pqg, radiogroup, readonly, rel, repeat-max, repeat-min, exchange, requisite, rev, rightspacing, rows, rowspan, guidelines, range, chose, contour, size, span, src, begin, action, bottom line, prevents, tabindex, address, template, title, toppadding, sorts of, unselectable, usemap, urn, valign, worth, changeable, volume, vspace, vrml, thickness, tie, xml:lang

SVG Sanitization¶

The following SVG facets are allowed automatically (others is stripped):a great, animate, animateColor, animateMotion, animateTransform, system, defs, desc, ellipse, foreignObject, font-face, font-face-identity, font-face-src, g, glyph, hkern, linearGradient, range, marker, metadata, missing-glyph, mpath, street, polygon, polyline, radialGradient, rect, put, avoid, svg, button, text, identity, tspan, use

The next SVG features are allowed automagically (all others was removed):accent-level, accumulate, additive, alphabetic, arabic-function, ascent, attributeName, attributeType, baseProfile, bbox, initiate, of the, calcMode, cap-height, category, colour, color-leaving, posts, cx, cy, d, dx, dy, descent, monitor, dur, prevent, fill, fill-opacity, fill-rule, font-household members, font-proportions, font-expand, font-build, font-version, font-weight, out of, forex, fy, g1, g2, glyph-term, gradientUnits, hanging, peak, horiz-adv-x, horiz-origin-x, id, ideographic, k, keyPoints, keySplines, keyTimes, lang, analytical, marker-stop, marker-middle, marker-initiate, e, offset, opacity, orient, origin, overline-position, overline-density, panose-step 1, highway, pathLength, situations, preserveAspectRatio, r, refX, refY, repeatCount, repeatDur, requiredExtensions, requiredFeatures, resume, change, rx, ry, hill, stemh, stemv, stop-color, stop-opacity, strikethrough-status, strikethrough-occurrence, coronary attack, stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, stroke-miterlimit, stroke-opacity, stroke-depth, systemLanguage, address, text-anchor, to help you, change, variety of, u1, u2, underline-position, underline-density, unicode, unicode-variety, units-per-em, viewpoints, version, viewBox, visibility, depth, widths, x, x-peak, x1, x2, xlink:actuate, xlink:arcrole, xlink:href, xlink:role, xlink:show, xlink:term, xlink:types of, xml:legs, xml:lang, xml:place, xmlns, xmlns:xlink, y, y1, y2, zoomAndPan