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David's brothers had sons the age of David themselves, along with his sisters have been much older than he had been

Meaningless (idle) (07386) req is an adjective this means empty otherwise vain (frivolous, trivial, trifling) and you can means something which doesn't have anything inside it. . Req is employed to describe a blank gap (Ge ), empty pitchers (Jdg seven:16), vain (worthless) males (Jdg nine:4, 11:step three, 2Chr 13:7 = talking about the reputation), blank vessels (2Ki 4:3), meaningless some thing (Pr , Public relations ), empty boat (because an expression off assessment - Jer )

Req - 14v - emptied(1), empty(6), dumb ones(1), idle(1), satisfied(1), worthless(4). Gen. ; Deut. ; Jdg. 7:16; Jdg. 9:4; Jdg. 11:3; dos Sam. 6:20; dos Ki. 4:3; dos Chr. 13:7; Neh. 5:13; Prov. ; Prov. ; Isa. 29:8; Jer. ; Ezek.

TOB [SMITH] (of a root word which means to-be fun, become well done, be good), The new property out of, an invest and that Jephthah took refuge when expelled at home because of the his half-aunt, (Evaluator 11:3) and you can in which he remained, within head out-of a ring of freebooters, right until he was brought back by the sheikhs out of Gilead.