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What Is The Highest Compatibility Score On eHarmony?

The highest compatibility score on eHarmony is 140. This means that you and the other user are a perfect match. You've both picked every single question the same on the compatibility test and meet all the necessary criteria for a perfect match.

A perfect match is often very rare, as no two people are exactly alike. This is also a great thing about the test. It closely matches up users with their similar interests but realizes that not every single person is alike.

However, when you're searching for matches, we recommend searching for high compatibility scores that are over 100. Anything closer to 140 is often ideal but can often be hard to find.

These high scores give the user a look inside of what each profile can bring in terms of happiness and well-being in the future.

We recommend going premium, and sorting the high compatibility scores in your area, to best find a match that fits your preference both physically and mentally.

Simply having enough data to collect on your user before actually talking to them is beneficial for deciding if you want a future with this person.

Eharmony Compatibility

The lowest compatibility score on eHarmony is a 60. This score signifies that you and that other user have nothing in common.

It's rare to see a score be that low. However, it's possible to see a low score on eHarmony as you're scrolling through profiles. Scores that are below 80, we recommend you disregard them.

This can be one of the hardest parts of using eHarmony. Often, profiles come across our screen with a beautiful person with a deficient compatibility score.

For the sake of your time, we recommend skipping right over them. eHarmony's algorithm is powerful enough to match you with the best fit for your personality.