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'Candy Corning' Is The Naughty New Dating Trend No One Can Resist

Currently gracing multiple sets of linen with your presence? Forget ghosting, breadcrumbing and even Tinder roulette; there's a new dating trend on the market – ‘candy corning' – which you are probably falling for, and which is even more addictive than the rest of them.

Not to mention: if you pride yourself on seeing through other people's antics then you're in for a rude awakening.

Why? Because, as New York artist and social commentator illustrator Samantha Rothernburg recently pointed out (and as sex therapist Heidi Gee has confirmed to D'Marge), ‘candy corning' is self-inflicted.

While ‘candy corning' is often described as ‘dickmatising,' anyone can make the mistake of returning mattress and mattress again to someone with whom they have a less than ‘wholesome' relationship – not just women.

Not to mention, there is a wealth of Reddit literature dedicated to discussing why it is that, far from being deterred by red flags, many men are actually drawn to them like moths to a flame. This in mind, D'Marge got in touch with couples counsellor and Sydney sexologist Heidi Gee, to ask what exactly the deal is with ‘candy corning.'

Heidi told us that insulin-spike relationships are one of the defining themes of 2019, and that we keep returning to them “because of fear and insecurity.” In fact, Heidi has a lot of clients who have told her they know their relationship is going no-where but that “fear of the unknown, [of] not having that person in their life” stops them calling it quits, even though they know ending it “might be good for them.”

As for ‘candy corning' specifically, Heidi breaks down the trend into two categories. First are the serial daters, who find it especially difficult to be on their own, and are scared of dealing with the pain of their last relationship ending, and so jump straight onto the next piece of ‘candy corn' they can find.