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Angel mutual deep love and shared believe that have Willow Rosenberg, and not simply because the she restored their soul twice

In a lot of era the guy wanted the woman let, looking at the lady because the a reliable ally and you can friend. Just after restoring Angel's soul with the 2nd date, it hugged just like the dated loved ones. [79] But not, Willow exhibited discover aggression into the Angel due to their strategies once the Twilight, briefly flipping your on the a frog out of the woman outrage. Once the guy killed Giles, Trust reported that the complete Scooby Group, except that Buffy, desired Angel dead. [40]

While in the his very first amount of time in Sunnydale, immediately after Buffy, Willow is actually probably Angel's companion regarding the Scooby Group and you may very amicable to your him, although, as with every the team, their experience of this lady try quite burdened once the guy returned out of Hell pursuing the their date because the Angelus

At some point, although not, Willow appears to move past a bit of this lady rage on Angel, as once openly criticizing his want to resurrect Giles, she unwillingly wanted to help, once the she requisite Angel's make it possible to render secret to brand new world.